A man must prove he's not an addict after a psychic tells his fiancé not to marry him, all because of one picture.

Film by jacob n. stuart & puja pandey

"[T]his ‘picture’ proves that indie films can beef up their budgets with innovation and talent, and may find their limited dollars stretch farther outside of Hollywood." - The Los Angeles Post

"If you are looking for a film that is excellent, with fantastic actors who did perfectly, then this is it!" - The Oddysey

All Andy has to do is get his fiance's sister, Kathy, to approve the wedding, and they can get happily married. But there is only one problem: Kathy thinks Andy is a gambler, alcoholic, ​womanizer, and chain-smoker.

However, Kathy, up until now, has never met Andy. She came up with this quick assumption ​by​ viewing Andy's online dating profile photo. So there is only one thing left to do: they must meet at her "office", and get to the bottom of these accusations.

But since Kathy is a full-time psychic, their conversation gets interrupted with her eccentric, and downright chilling, clients. Andy witnesses the supernatural.... or, is it just his mind playing tricks on him​?​ Does Kathy possess a sort of trance that no one else can explain?

Kathy has only one day, before nightfall, to prove to Tiffany that Andy is not who he says he is. But the real question is if Andy is the only one with secrets.... Can someone really be pegged off of one single picture? Kathy thinks so....​​